Day Two Thursday 13 May

Opening remarks from the Chair
Strategies for refining your offering
Un-calcifying the subscription business model to create an intimate relationship with customers
  • Adding value to free users in a freemium model
  • Simplifying experiences for users to encourage engagement
  • Continual experimentation and learning to ensure your offering stays relevant and appealing
  • Making your service essential/integral to clients
  • Balancing ‘intimate’ with ‘efficiency’ in managing customer relationships

Prashant Mohan
Chief Marketing Officer

FIRESIDE CHAT: Tools to reach and convert potential subscribers

In this informal discussion, Matt Bullock will share the tools he uses to get adoption and engagement and why. Matt previously built a global payment gateway, eWAY which he sold in 2016. His current project is Spinify, a gamification of business activity for sales teams.

Matt Bullock
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Interviewed by:

Prashant Mohan
Chief Marketing Officer

Developing a true subscription model for high value physical products
  • Developing subscription programs beyond standard digital services and products
  • Subscription doesn’t need sheep, subscription needs pioneers and differentiators
  • Challenges of high value assets within the subscription ecosystem
  • Using market research to establish customer segmentation profiles
  • Developing a product and pricing strategy and offering that meets customers’ needs
  • Finding the most appropriate channels and messages to reach your target segments
  • What challenges or misconceptions do we face as a high value subscription product

Ben Hershman
Chief Operating Officer

Networking coffee break
Value adding to attract customers and grow income
A brand is what a brand does, the evolution of an established subscription product

How Foxtel redefined its proposition - leveraging content, product and partnerships to drive engagement and retention

Matthew Brown
Director - Product Management

Customer service as a key to keeping and satisfying clients

Macquarie Telecom Group won Best Customer Experience in the World for its Heartbeat program at the Annual World Communications Awards in London in October 2020.

  • Placing the customer service experience at the centre of decision making in your business
  • Encouraging a culture of delighting customers to make your business stand out from competitors
  • Building a formal program around customer service and rewarding internal behaviours that support it
  • Measuring the impact of customer service levels on profitability

Phil Wallace
Business Manager, Cloud Services
Macquarie Telecom Group

PANEL DISCUSSION: How do subscription businesses move beyond recurring revenue to make themselves vital to clients?
  • Do you have to sacrifice revenue to build a relationship?
  • How do you build client trust so subscribers see you as a partner rather than a vendor?
  • What metrics can subscription businesses use to measure and improve customer satisfaction?
  • Should subscription businesses pursue relationship post cancellation to claw back lapsed subscribers?
  • How can subscription businesses ensure they hit the ‘sweet spot’ when customer needs and market trends are constantly evolving?


Prashant Mohan
Chief Marketing Officer


Matt Bullock
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Ben Hershman
Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Brown
Director - Product Management

Networking lunch
Changing prices without tears – how to successfully update your pricing model
  • Testing new pricing with your core market to avoid nasty surprises
  • Getting buy in from all parts of the business on new pricing models
  • Recognising the advantages of a clear and easy to grasp model
  • Communicating changes with existing customers to minimise churn
  • What’s the ‘safe zone’ in terms of percentages when changing your pricing model?

Chris Harvey
Managing Director
Media Rights Value

Using smart data to retain and satisfy subscribers
Executing smart data led experiences to keep subscribers onboard - Journey from 100,000 customers to millions (virtual presentation – live from New Zealand)
  • Achieving real-time single customer view combining all customer touchpoints across platforms and channels for personalised and tailored experiences
  • Scaling your support and service experiences to be world class
  • Moving beyond sales to post acquisition engagement to stop churn, delight your customers and deepen their engagement

Natalie Screen
General Manager Customer Success

Networking coffee break
Using machine learning to provide contextually relevant experiences to customers, every time
  • Unifying a customer data platform bringing together data from all over the organisation
  • Finding a technology platform able to support a single data model, customer experience apps, and an open ecosystem
  • Uncovering hidden opportunities based on interest, behavioural and transactional, financial and operational patterns
  • AI pitfalls - are there areas of customer services that should not utilise AI?

Davinia Simon
Head of Channel and Alliances, ANZ
Amazon Web Services

Ben Kidney
Head of Digital Engagement
Amazon Web Services

PANEL DISCUSSION: what does the future of the subscription business model look like?
  • What do subscription businesses need to be aware of to ensure an ethical and renewable supply chain?
  • What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the industry and how are you addressing them?
  • What are the brands/products that are leading and innovating the subscription business models at the very frontline on a global scale?
  • What are examples of great successes and failures for businesses shifting to subscription pricing models?

Chris Harvey
Managing Director
Rights Value

Panellists to be announced

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Subscription Summit 2021